Deacon the Villain & Sheisty Khrist give a matter-of-fact perspective on privacy. In the age of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and all things transparent, just how much of our lives are public record in 2010? Deacon takes the first verse, rapping as the eye in the sky, and Sheisty brings it home speaking on how he’s well aware that our every move is under a microscope.

Hook [Deacon]

Let’s talk through these satellites
we can conversate through space
you ‘bess forget about your alibi
‘cause they’ve already seen your face

Verse: 1 [Deacon]
I’m in the clouds, watchin’ like a huntin’ owl
you can’t evade, my gaze is bout 2 hundred thou
we cover miles, polar cap to polar
and unless you got a solar flare I’m over till it’s over
from the streets of the chi to a beach in maui
from the tip of nepal, through middle eastern valleys
I’ll snap you quick as mcgraw, I got a lightning flash
and we shinin down on that ass, we like a diaper rash,
pause… no applause for my cause
and you cannot see me coming, I’m the nothing, I’m the fog
sittin on my perch I got the earth under my claws
cleaning up your acts, sweeping the dirt under my law
look , it’s smartest crook you’ve never witnessed
all up in yo shower and we gettin closer every christmas
comin down yo chimney and u brought us through the towers
and we want our updates every minute, every hour


Verse: 2 [Sheisty]

The man watch me like van Peebles in posse/
like drones in Afghanistan scan people with poppy.
My Internet connections choppy/
maybe they’ve detected my downloaded copies of Shrek and Rocky, or Beck and Trotsky.
The Annunaki blacker than the puck in hockey/
I’m leaning back in a truck sloppy sucking Saki.
Ponder the womb of Amun and the Illuminati, and how the lumens in the eye make the moon wobbly.
I give a fuck about you dudes probably/
I study the Code of Hammarabi for a hobby I got two copies.
Satellites in the air that could fairly capture/
a hair fragment the size of a hair fracture.
In the air a black fist I’m on their blacklist/
like I share an air mattress with an Arab actress.
To tell tell the truth I give a fuck about some Arab hackers/
I ain’t scared of Arab jackers I’m scared of crackers.
And Fuck a viacom/
our governments icon should be an eye spying through a Nikon.
You better watch who your eye’s on/
cause watching me will get your motherfucking eye gone.
I’m gone!





just love the song diddent exepct anything divrend.
I also like the singel cover

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