Looking to expand on the success of his critically acclaimed debut, PackFM brought out “Sire” to further cement the fact that he deserves to be amongst hip hop royalty.

My reign begins now (Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)
My reign begins now.

I’m the king of the ghetto, suburban revival
At least a third of my rivals getting served on arrival
6-11-77: the birth of your idol
Droppin’ 3 16’s like a verse in the bible
Now 30’s the new 20, I’m no longer 19
Spent my whole life being, a po’ mic fiend
And this ain’t no pipe dream, even though it might seem
Like I’m flying’ in circles with no right wing, PackFM
Born and raised out in Brooklyn, with the name of a Muslim and the ways of a hoodlum,
7 days in a week, and I’m just praying for a good one,
To a sky with no limits, but I damn sure pushed ‘em.
The game never change, off the brain still the same
No politics, save kissing Babies for Lil Wayne
I done came a lil’ way, aint too far from the top
Its so easy to explain why its hard for me to stop, I’m the king

Sucka MC’s should call me sire
I won’t stop rocking till I retire

I’m negative 1 in your top 10, ‘cause whenever I’m rockin’
It’s breath taking people gonna think you’re beat boxing
(uh 1, 2?)
Ya’ keep on and don’t stop it
I’m bad to the bone, chromosomes and hemoglobin
My people aint fed? Trust me there will be no gobblin’
Til we sitting’ at the table eatin’, I don’t see no options
When my thought bubble poppin’ I say the shit directly
Niggas talk a lot, but barely touch the surface like jet skis
I want y’all to listen to me, Relax it isn’t too deep
And if it is,then sue me, watch that first step, its a doozy
I’m on a mission to be, the illest kid on two feet
I paint your mind pictures, close your eyes, you’ll see a movie
Y’all niggas barely move me, I need a different routine
The scene just isn’t unique time for me to flip a new leaf
I feel like it’s my duty, to make these kids salute me
When I tip my crown, take a bow, all hail the new king

Sucka MC’s should call me sire
I won’t stop rocking til I retire


So is this not planned to be on F*cking Hate Rappers anymore? Was it ever going to be on it? If it will be, nice, since this is a dope song. If not, nice, since we will be getting all new tracks that we haven’t heard before. Either way, it’s win-win Smile

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