this is, how the kids say… “my shit”


PS.: This new site just… ROCKS!

CatM is going to be eargasmic.

One of Tone’s best “storytellin’” tracks. Diggin’ it big time.

The new audio player is superawesome.

lol, i dig the highly social QN5.0 website. It definitely exceeded my expectations, something you guys never seem to fail to do.



“And I don’t wanna turn around, oh no
To see that I’m all alone.
Just a pillar of salt and stone.
Just a pillar of salt and stone.”

I defintely can’t wait for CatM

I love this song.

Isn’t this track on the Cunninlynguists’ Strange Journey Volume One?

Definitely in my top 3 songs of Strange Journey Vol. 1.

I ain’t got no words to describe how I feel while i leasten to this song.. it’s just ‘magnifique’!!

How could someone (reviewer from HiphopDX) state that this piece of art is “filler material”??????????????
This is art!

Tone getting deep FTW!

Oh holy hell how I love this.

feeling this song so much

The lush multi-part vocal harmony work during the last minute of the song is beautifully put together.

This became my favorite song of 2009 when it came out. And it still is.

Still listening to this song religiously. The last minute is my favorite end to a song ever. This track is art

This track proves to me that Tone is the most technically perfect rapper in the world, and he has soul.

No homo.

I listen to this everyday. Can Get Enough !

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