Baby Blue For Pink [EP] by QN5 Music · 2008


If you’re a Hip Hop head that doesn’t want to hear Michael Bolton wailing as he bleeds out of his eyes while you’re getting your groove on – QN5 Music has the perfect prescription for you. “Baby Blue For Pink” is QN5’s first “digital only” release, created especially for Lover’s on Valentine’s Day. 5 completely original songs (and 1 remix), created from scratch for the special occasion where love, relationships and sex are on everyone’s mind.

Featuring, PackFM, Tonedeff, Mr. SOS, Session, Substantial, CunninLynguists & SunnyStylez over production by the critically-acclaimed QN5 production squad, this is a rare treat where Hip Hop steps up to the plate to fill a needed niche with clever, slickly produced songs. For more info,

a) “My Funny Valentine (URB Podcast)” [33 Mins]
b) PackFM – “Plucking Daisies” Music Video [640×480]


PackFM – “Plucking Daisies” – [Directed By: Kareem Edouard]

As the Baby Blue for Pink EP was recorded for the “Hip Hop head who doesn’t want to hear Michael Bolton bleeding out of his eyes while [they’re] getting [their] groove on,” it’s hard to say QN5 doesn’t come correct. No “pause” needed. Grow up.


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