Recent Episodes

Oct 20 —

The fellas chop it up re: First record deals, upcoming projects and Joey Buttafuoco.

Sep 15 —

The fellas chop it up re: Mac & Cheese, International Insensitivity & Endangered Species. Lots of announcements too! (Recorded 09.15.14).

Aug 18 —

Tonedeff is feeling the impact of world events and Pack does his best to snap him out of it as they chop it up re: world turmoil, kickstarter incentives and vertical videos. (Recorded 08.18.14).

Aug 12 —

Tanya Morgan MC and comedy writer, Donwill swings by to chop it re: Soulmates, neighbor sex and shares an “EVIL DONNY” story. (Recorded 08.12.14).

Aug 4 —

The fellas chop it up re: Disney rides, the battle scene & the fate of the world. Plus an F-load of listener mail! (Recorded 08.03.14).

Jul 23 —

The fellas dedicate an entire episode to listener mail and deliver their most revealing episode yet! (Recorded 07.11.14).

Jul 15 —

After a 3 month soul-searching hiatus, Tone & Pack return to celebrate 2 Years of podcasting! There were so much to cover, that they’re dedicating the next episode entirely to listener mail. In part one, the fellas chop it up re: phishing schemes, bucket hats and Peggy Bundy. (Recorded: 7.11.14).

Apr 11 —

Before PackFM hops over to Australia for a show, the fellas manage to knock out a new episode and chop it up re: Sleep No More, Easter Sunday & the butterfly effects. (Recorded: 4.9.14).

Mar 31 —

After an extended absence, the fellas chop it up re: Great 55s in History, Time Travel, Childhood labor & Wet Dreams. (Recorded 3.7.14)

Feb 4 —

The fellas chop it up re: Chinese food, hypochondria, seasonally affected disorder and trading body parts. (Recorded 01.31.14).


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