Recent Episodes

Jun 26 —

After a stupidly stupid 4-month sabbatical, Tonedeff & PackFM return to the wonderful world of podcasting to bring you the 68th edition of Tacos & Chocolate Milk. And what a return it is, as they chop it up re: audio magic, silver shirts, porn trailers & discuss the recent passing of their Plague brother, Pumpkinhead (aka PH). (Recorded 6.24.15).

Feb 23 —

Drake. Kanye. Iggy Azalea. Nicki Minaj. That is all. (Recorded 05.21.14).

Feb 6 —

What was that? It’s been two whole months of podcast silence? Fuck. Well… we’re sorry. But we’re gonna make it up to you, but delivering 2015’s first episode (and hopefully the start of a healthy consecutive run) covering the usual range of diverse and seemingly unconnected topics you’ve come to expect from Tonedeff & PackFM on the convo tip. This go round, the fellas chop it up re: phone etiquette, voice acting and slick sales tactics. (Recorded 05.05.14).

Dec 8 —

This one’s been a long time coming, but FINALLY we have a new episode and an awesome guest for y’all this week. For episode 65, Face Time Agency Co-Founder (And former QN5 artist) Session stops by to reminisce and answer “What happened to Session?” (Recorded 12.07.14).

Nov 4 —

The internets have been left ablaze by debates on whether cat-calling is appropriate, and PackFM has had enough. Check out this episodes full on debate/tirade as chop it up re: compliments, inactivity and the upcoming Strange Universe East Coast Tour w/ CunninLynguists. (Recorded 11.03.14).

Oct 20 —

The fellas chop it up re: First record deals, upcoming projects and Joey Buttafuoco.

Sep 16 —

The fellas chop it up re: Mac & Cheese, International Insensitivity & Endangered Species. Lots of announcements too! (Recorded 09.15.14).

Aug 19 —

Tonedeff is feeling the impact of world events and Pack does his best to snap him out of it as they chop it up re: world turmoil, kickstarter incentives and vertical videos. (Recorded 08.18.14).

Aug 13 —

Tanya Morgan MC and comedy writer, Donwill swings by to chop it re: Soulmates, neighbor sex and shares an “EVIL DONNY” story. (Recorded 08.12.14).

Aug 4 —

The fellas chop it up re: Disney rides, the battle scene & the fate of the world. Plus an F-load of listener mail! (Recorded 08.03.14).


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