Donwill was an awesome guest. Meshes really well with y’all. Can’t say I’ve actually checked out a Tanya Morgan project or anything, but Sonshine was dooope.

And about the apartment neighbors.. in our last apartment we had a single, 50-something year old lady with a little yappy dog who - as one of the complex staff told us - had been renting the same ground floor apartment for over TWENTY YEARS. Now we had 2 dogs at the time.. and basically anytime either one of them would run or jump off the bed, which we legitimately tried to avoid just being decently considerate (but at some point it’s like fuck you, I don’t see you changing your lifestyle for my sake) and I swear she was banging on her ceiling within 5 seconds. BUT HOW? Are these naggy ass type of neighbors literally walking around with broomsticks (insert stick-up-their-ass joke) or fucking what? /end rant

Great episode, definitely gonna check out Tanya Morgan. You guys should get more guest episodes, it’s really cool learning about different artists who aren’t necessarily/only rappers. And it brings up new stories/thoughts. Keep them coming!

Great episode. All the guests so far have been great.

I’ve been into Tanya Morgan since I heard Sonshine. That’s a classic - from a classic album. . . I still listen to CDs too. I’ve got both of Pack’s and a Featured Material and I had Rubber Souls on heavy rotation last year.

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