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I finally got to listen to it when I drove into work this morning. I like when you guys talk about your feelings (or lack thereof) about serious topics. There’s so much crap going on and it’s nice to both here unique opinions on it and get an escape from it.

Another great episode. I have a question I’m gonna submit for the next one, just gotta go back to the last few episodes to make sure you didn’t cover it already.

lol at invading Canada… Be weary of a Prime Minister who has not addressed his nation in over 8 years in office and is in the news most often when addressing OTHER nation’s issues. He’s that mysterious silent type—I’m almost certain he has a “secret layer” for his mastermind schemes. (Pretty sure our Mounties are on bionic horses.)

I think this episode caught a lot of people sleeping - with the two of you so busy, I hadn’t expected an episode until after Hunter at the earliest!

It had me laughing out loud on a quiet train again…

With Hunter and pack.fm (and all related material) on the way, this coming week is going to be great…

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