That JS1 episode needs to happen!

MEGACRUISE officially not gonna happen Sad


MEGACRUISE officially not gonna happen

All hope isn’t lost, as long as Dramamine exists.

Also, sorry, I wasn’t trying to give myself an out :/. I already have 8 tickets purchased. Definitely excited to see the show with a bunch of people who have never seen QN5, hoping to convert them that night.

That John Wilkes Booth though. lol! JS-1 would be a cool guest.

lol… i’m liking pack’s sass in this episode Wink
i’m all for deacon & natti coming on the show too—especially if you do a playback of packfm’s impression of them and get a live response Razz

It’s scary how much I think like Pack. You could never get me on a cruise either.

Ok, maybe if there was a MEGACRUISE. Definitely would love to see more guests and hear an “evil Natti” story

When you were telling the funny part about that Walking Dead episode I thought you were going to talk about how that science mullet guy was running like a bitch when he got out the trailer. Some one has to gif that.

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