Remy La Croix?

I mean uh… *downloads*

Remy La Croix?


The timing of Pack’s violin was hilarious

Liked the mix of serious and humour this week!
Female perspective on the ‘harassment’ video: 10 hours of footage and those are the best/worst examples they could get…? All uncalled for, yes, but if the worst part of your day is having someone poorly compliment you and then leave you alone, I think that’s pretty darn good, comparatively. I am not condoning the men’s behaviour at all but as human beings, we have to learn to deal with stupid human beings daily. Catcalling at someone is just stupid. Being followed? Yes, harassment. But she didn’t even attempt to lose him because this was a publicity stunt. (Also, who walks around solo during the day without headphones/earbuds?! Those things are like training wheels for ignoring people—even if you hear someone, THEY don’t know that so just keep on walkin’!) Point is: Ten hours of “harassment” and she made it out alive because she didn’t engage with any of them (THAT’s what people should take from this video, imo). No one actually walks around for ten hours straight (in black paint), so just ignore your seconds- to minutes-worth of verbal annoyance. And why are the ignorant passing comments from some strange dude you’ll never see again so important? They really shouldn’t be.

I’m voting for Deac and/or Natti as guests for the next episode!

Natti should be the next guest. Also that was a really good conversation on the whole topic of what harassment is. Great episode as usual and hilarious as usual.

colour me greedy, but I’d like deacon AND natti as guests on the same episode (and an “evil…” story from each, please!)

Y’all should Mak Btchz and Trapazoyd on this show.


Nice episode.

Yeah cosign Deac/Natti.

DJ-JS1? I am many? Homebody Sandman? Any decent NYC people you guys know..

Awesome episode!! And thank you guys for answering my question. It made me do some re thinking on what makes me happy and I am starting to put myself back on the right track. Appreciate it a bunch.

Regarding the topic you and pack were talking about. I am really getting sick of these social experiments/pranks that people keep doing in the majority black and Hispanic communities. Even if their intentions are in the right place, the only thing that they do is further antagonize and perpetuate negative connotations already associated with blacks and Hispanic people.

Plus I find it suspicious that these “social Justice” organizations require you to donate for their cause and their merchandise, especially over an issue that can’t be simply solved like ending street harassment. Makes me question what their true motives are.

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