Great episode guys! Was awesome to hear Sesh.

1. Sounded promising on the Spicasso angle, I’m going to contribute more interest and poke you guys with a stick:- how close to completion did this get? Would it take a lot of work to push it into an album or could you just release it as an EP? Can we maybe just get the odd single now and again?

2. Session needs to be on the commagang album/mixtape.

3. !YES! to Tone/Pack doing some sort of rock/metal collab. Personally I have an unlikely dream of seeing Tone work with Chino Moreno (not necessarily rock, he’s also done some cool electronic shit), but anything with some distorted power chords would also be awesome.

4. I think I had a 4th point :/

lmao, my reaction to half this episode was “wow, Session really seems to have mellowed out since his days as a rapper”

nope, he’s just high as fuck

but nah, real talk, this was a fantastic episode. loved hearing you guys catch up. perhaps the biggest thing to me as a fan is how Session seemed on board to release Spicasso someday, retired or not! that’s a green light if i’ve ever heard one.

Still on the part where Session is tryna recall the songs from Happy F*ck You Songs. Shit is hilariousssssss! hahaha

One of the best eps! Really need to hear that Spicasso joint too Tone. Would totally cop that.

For real. Another awesome episode in the can. Y’all know we wanna hear Spicasso!

Sesh calling out all sorts of random songs from different people’s solo albums haha

Too many funny moments - great episode and glad to hear Session’s doing so well.
Tone, do you think he would notice if you just released Spicasso on the side, made up of what you have so far?
(or maybe some friendly blackmail so the World can hear the finished product…)

Also, any takers for writing up a full new set of lyrics to the12 Days of Christmas?
Who wrote the clean version of Filthy in the message boards, again?

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