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Polymer Standard Editions Still Available For Pre-Order

Posted Feb 26 2015

The exclusive pre-order packages are now closed, but (at the behest of podcast pal PackFM), standard CD/DVD editions of Tonedeff’s second album, Polymer, are still available for pre-order. Don’t miss out on the chance to receive an autographed copy and an exclusive sticker from the man himself.


Home Stretch.

Posted Jan 21 2015

Pre-orders are in. Now back to work finishing this monster. See you soon.


Posted Dec 1 2014

TonedeffPolymer | PRE-ORDER NOW @:


Since the project’s announcement back in February 2013, with the release of Glutton, and the subsequent reveals of each following EP (ie. Demon & Hunter) anticipation has been building as fans have tracked the progress of the album throughout it’s creation. Now with the last EP on the horizon and the release of the collected version of the album slated for Q1 of 2015, Polymer is finally forming into it’s final form shape.

With 3 pre-order only editions available today, this is your last chance to get one of these ultra-rare pressings. Each edition contains the final Polymer album, a DVD documentary, and a sticker, yet each contains something unique & special – these aren’t trinkets or dollar-store swag. The fan-demanded POLYDISC editions contain singular pressings of each individual EP INCLUDING a self-contained version of the secret final EP which will not be made available anywhere else. The POLYMORPH edition perks include 2X VINYL, an Art book and for the first time ever – instrumentals & acapellas of the album. QN5 is only pressing what is pre-ordered – after that, all Polydisc/Polymorph collector’s editions will be discontinued. This is NOT to be missed.

ABOUT POLYMER The order of the releases are denoted by the Polymer icon located on each cover, with a new molecule filled-in for each release.

Putting a new thematic slant on the format, Tonedeff’s Polymer consists of 4 separate EPs – each stylistically different from the next and focused on a different facet of his personality. Each EP represents a different “molecule” of Tonedeff, which when collected, form a larger more cohesive unit. EP’s 1 through 3 will be released digitally, with the fourth exclusively available on the final assembled version of Polymer. All music on the project has been produced synthetically to mimic an actual polymer’s synthetic structure.



[NEWS] Tonedeff Featured @ NYC’s Prestigious Village Voice

Posted Nov 17 2014

This past week, Tonedeff was featured in NYC’s prestigious culture newspaper, The Village Voice. Those in and around the New York area know the cache the Voice has and this marks the first time Tone’s been featured for his work on the upcoming Polymer release. Some interesting tidbits were uncovered in the interview by writer, Chaz Kangas, such as:

“Tone tells us the plan to release the album EP by EP had been planned for a while, and that the final album version of Polymer may feature the songs tweaked and reorganized for a proper album experience. “Polymer will be a best-part composite of the EPs. My plan was always to have the songs I knew 100 percent be the album, and the songs that were thematic addendums be on the EP.”

#bombshell – Which tracks do you think will make it onto the final cut of Polymer? Join the discussion on the forums and be sure to comment on the article over at the Village Voice to let them know you support their coverage of Tonedeff.


[INTERVIEW] Tonedeff Breaks Down 13 Quotables @

Posted Oct 14 2014

Recently, Tonedeff shared the motivations and provided deeper context to 13 quotables from his recent Hunter EP with the good people at watchLOUD. This insight begs the broader question – what are YOUR favorite Polymer quotables so far? Share yours in this thread. As always, be sure to comment/like/share the article with friends to show your support of more Tonedeff coverage!