Now watching: CunninLynguists - “South California (ft. Tunji)”

Directed & Edited by: Deacon The Villain

Oh snap, son! CunninLynguists are back with their first proper music video since 2011’s “Looking Back (feat. Anna Wise)”. Fresh off of yesterday’s release of their groundbreaking crowd-sourced album, Strange Journey Volume Three, Kno, Deacon The Villain, and Natti have put together visuals for this breezily bittersweet ode to summer love.

On “South California”, Natti turns in yet another solid performance alongside the ‘why-the-fuck-hasn’t-this-guy-released-a-solo-record?’ Tunji over a fortified headnodder of a track by Kno. Once again, CL is back… and they mean business as they continue to solidify their place as the best Hip Hop group since Outkast.

Strange Journey Volume Three, is now available WORLDWIDE anywhere music is sold. Please share these visuals and spread the word.


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