Now watching: Production Sessions With Kokayi

Watch Kokayi in action as he goes through some of his latest original tunes. All production by Kokayi.


Awesome, can’t wait to hear some QN5 artists over Kokayi beats

I can sooo hear Substantial over that second beat.

The beat at 2:18 is screaming “Bionic Remix.” I wasn’t sold on Kokayi before this video. Now I am. The beats here are all so different and awesome. And that first one, what is that, a merry-go-round? Or just an accordion. Either way, pretty sweet.

That second beat and the one that starts up around 3:17.. those are dope as hell. I gotta agree with Foolscap on not being entirely sold on Kokayi before. I think he is definitely skilled on the production tip. I need to go listen to more of his music a little closer.


Tisk. Tisk.

Holy shit! Someone start writing songs to these beats! All of them would be ridiculous!

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